Bjorn Heidenstrom

Bjorn Heidenstrom

Bjorn and Steve

I first made contact with Bjorn only last August when he was well on his way. I was reading a Norwegian web-site and came across the story of his journey. Although only in Denmark and with many, many months to go, I was immediately excited by his project. I wrote a quick “Good Luck” email (please do the same!)  and was surprised and delighted to get a response.

I volunteered to do some PR/Media for him and he gratefully accepted. From that moment on I have been working in the background. We met in Wesel, Germany for two days and made plans for the next 8/9 months. (See photo below) When he was in Spain we hired a camper van and we had a whole 6 weeks in my adopted homeland. We got over 150 shirts and were busy 24/7. Sadly the van broke down and was proving to be a liability so instead of going through France, Italy, Yugoslavia, Greece and Turkey, I went home and Bjorn continued. That was the end of the dream for me and I spent the next few months frustrated about the burst bubble whilst continuing with the PR/Media.

Eventually, I decided I had had enough and said to Bjorn I wanted to support him more aggressively and we agreed that I should “do the 92” to help raise awareness for the refugees.

Please visit his site and his Norwegian language site

He is also very active on Facebook and Twitter where you will get regular updates,


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