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I watched my first ever game in 1964 and have had a 45 year love affair with football ever since. It was Gillingham versus Doncaster and even today I remember the score 1-1 and that Alex Jeffrey was in the Doncaster team. It was a Division 4 game (old parlance!) and I was smitten! Until I was 17 I had dreams of playing professionally but it was not to be. After university where I watched Hull City without ever getting passionate about them, I moved to Manchester which in 1978/79 was a great place to watch football with both teams crammed full of true legends. It was City one week, United the next. I only lived 200 meters from Manchester City’s old ground (Maine Road) BUT for reasons I am not altogether sure about I became a “Red”.

So, since 1979 I have been following Gillingham and Manchester United with equal passion. Fortunately, I have still not been put to a test of fidelity as they have never ever played each other. Although Gillingham did have a short period in the Championship (level two of English football) the last 45 years have been yo-yo years between the third and fourth levels. On the other hand,  United have never dropped from the top level since then and amazingly have never played Gillingham in a cup. Well, actually probably not that amazing, as Gillingham’s cup record has been “disappointing” to be kind!

I have lived in Spain since 2001 and follow Real Madrid, FC Torrevieja, Atlético Fuengirola, Málaga CF …… and pretty much everybody else!

In “real life” I am the founder and principal of www.thisispain.info a 2000+ page site about Spain in English. I also own www.thisisnorway.info www.thisisoslo.info and a host of other sites. SHOUT, if they are of interest.


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