West Ham United Women’s Team

West Ham United Women’s Team

One of the revelations of the last ten years has been the increase in popularity of the women’s game. Almost all the top UK clubs now have a women’s team associated with them. Possibly because of the TV exposure (see below) West Ham United have become one of the most famous/best supported clubs. Their women’s kit is now available on the official club site and is marketed alongside the men’s kits.

Chelsea are playing Spurs in a sell-out (!) game at Stamford Bridge and West Ham are also hosting Spurs at the London Stadium on 29 September. Tickets start at just £1. Outstanding value.

The women’s side has been the subject of a TV series which followed the club throughout the season. It was a “warts-and-all” documentary which reflected very well on the efforts of all at the London club. It is now available on demand.

I would be happy to add images/stories of your club’s women’s side. Please forward photos/content to me and I will be pleased to upload them.


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