Virtual 10KM

A Shirt Of Beauty

Well, this one is a bit different! Facebook threw a sponsored post in front of me and for the first time in living memory, I checked it out. The only reason I increased Zuckerberg’s wealth is because I saw a gorgeous shirt. I clicked through to read about a Virtual 10KM event that looked fun …… especially with the magnificent shirt.

Their website says, “The run of the year! Get your original Guinness World Records certificate and medal! On 19th September we start the official world record attempt of the most virtual 10km /6.2 mi runs within 24 hours and you can participate!This is an official Guinness World Records certified run!”

This is how it works:

1. you can run anywhere in the world.

2. if you feel like it, join our exclusive running group on Facebook (optional).

3. on the day of the run, record your run with a running app or watch and upload a screenshot or photo to our running portal.

4. after the run, you will receive your certificate to download and we will send you your medal (if you have added it) within 24 hours.

Sign up for the run HERE with either:
Original Digital Proof of Participation (download after the run) without medal or

Medal Medium (8cm / 3.1in – shipping within 48 hours after the run) 
+ Original Digital Proof of Participation (download after the run)
Medal XL (11cm / 4.3in – shipping within 48 hours after the run)
+ Original Digital Proof of Participation (download after the run)
Proof of Participation and the exclusive medal both hold the official Guinness World Records Attempt Run Logo and are handed out, even if we donot break the record – which we will, for sure :-)”

Virtual 10K Run

So, I registered and will be running to raise funds for the British Heart Foundation. 10K may not sound a lot but I am still in hospital (week 19) after a cardiac arrest and still on crutches. I managed about 70 meters this afternoon, so 10K is a genuine challenge for me. No matter, I have five months to move up to this. By my maths, that’s adding about an extra 2k per month. Cracked it!”

Even got my virtual bib!

If you want to get involved before then, Specsavers Opticas in Spain are organising a Virtual Dog Walk ….. although you don’t need a dog. Full details here


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