Tuktuk Day Ten

Football mirrors life. It has twists and turns – England v Germany 1966, Newcastle slipping in the Premier League in 1996 , Gillingham two up versus Manchester City at Wembley in 1999 …. and the rest is history.

I had Everton planned but was let down at the last minute. #Life. So, a HUGE thanks to Darren Ashley who kindly sent me a terrific update of a ground he visited and his new-found passion.

“Hi Steve, Non league and doing vlogs. That’s my Saturday afternoons now, and it has very quickly became a passion and almost a crusade of mine. I, like many other, have been priced out of the professional game, although, to be fair, my love for it has been on the wane over the years.

So, in the middle of last season, I started to attend local various non league grounds close to my home, particularly, Brackley Town and Buckingham Athletic (as they were known then).

I found myself surprised at how high the standard was, I was almost expecting Sunday league stuff, and I soon started whipping out my iPhone to record things like free kick or penalties, in the hope I may capture a goal or two.

The more I did this, the more the idea started to grow in my head about trying to do mini vlogs at the matches. I had seen plenty on YouTube, so I thought, another one won’t hurt!

My main idea was, to do a different non league ground each week, and, if possible, highlight what they had to offer.

So, I started to record more and more, quickly deleting stuff that I found irrelevant. At first, that caught me out because, I remember at Corby Town, I was in the middle of deleting a misplaced pass or something, when the away team went down at the other end and scored a goal. I was mortified, but quickly learned that the best time to do it was half, or full time.

So, I started to get used to doing it. I knew I wasn’t very good at it, but, if I stuck the end result on YouTube, someone may like it, and I also had a record of the matches I went to.

As time went on, I felt something was missing, so, I had an idea of doing interviews in the vlogs to mix it up.

I remember the first person I approached. He was the Ardley United manager Jules McClannon Fortunately, he was happy to oblige and gave me some half time thoughts. The ball was now slowly rolling, and I started to ask random fans on their thoughts on the match. Soon, there was no escape from me, I was happy to approach Chairman, players, managers, referees, and even referee observers

So, on to today, I’m now comfortable with my format, slightly less comfortable on my interview techniques, but I have to say, everyone has been great and the only time someone hasn’t given a requested interview is, because they were too shy, or had to rush off.

I’ve now had a couple of clubs ask me to vlog at their matches, which I have been happy to oblige with, and, I’m really hoping, that with my small blogs, hopefully clubs can get exposure of some kind….even if it’s off my small YouTube channel

Thanks so much Darren. I am now following you and I hope others will too. So what about today?

“Well, Steve. I was at Stratford Town FC and had a fabulous day. I can really recommend a trip to see “The Bards.” TOP guys! However much I praise Stratford Town FC in this post, it still won’t be enough with the way they treated my best mate and I yesterday at their Southern League Premier Division Central match against Barwell

Earlier in the week, as is the norm, I contacted their chairman Jed McCrory about attending the match and, if possible, film and maybe grab an interview or two.

Jed replied straight away and asked me to go to reception on matchday where I would ask for a chap called Steve.

Matchday arrives, we turn up, we meet Steve, who then hands us these media passes and shows us around the ground, meeting, all kinds of people who were connected to the club.

We were a bit in shock and awe at this…

Honestly though, it was so good, and very friendly, I almost forgot that the purpose there was to film a vlog of the matchday.

We soon met chairman Jed, who, basically wanted us to have a feel of how the club was and make our own minds up of how authentic it was.

He even told us that, even if we didn’t rate anything, put it in the vlog because they wanted it to be real!

There was never any danger of that though, because, everything was simply fantastic.

When I did a short interview with director Paul, we walked across the pitch whilst both team were warming up.

It seemed so surreal.

Onto the match, and, as always when I do these posts, I won’t spoil what happened in the match as I would quite like you to have a look at the vlog and add your comments below it … but it was a high scoring thriller!

STRATFORD town v BARWELL fc VLOG 13/01/24

After the match, we was back on the pitch watching interviews, then, Stratford Town manager Gavin Hurren gave us an interview too.

It’s fair to say, during the day, my interview style wasn’t the best as my head was partly in the clouds, but, after that was wrapped up, had a quick of camera chat to their media man Stuart, where, afterwards, he invited us for food, before we left.

So, that was our memorable and utterly brilliant matchday experience.

It was yet another reason why, for me, non league is the best, and, if you haven’t been down to Stratford Town to watch a match, I massively recommend it….and, I think, from now on, I will be watching out for their results, and most definitely will be back!!

Thank you, ‘The Bards”

So, thanks again, Darren. You saved my day and I will be delighted to showcase your new blogs as you upload them. You are always welcome at FC Deportivo Galicia and once clubs see how professionally you are highlighting them, I am sure there will be a queue of clubs looking to work with you. I see you have been to my friends at Ascot United. A great set up there isn’t it?

Obviously, please do not forget what we are all trying to achieve and consider supporting FC Deportivo Galicia and/or Prostate Cancer UK


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