Tuktuk Day Seven

I mentioned yesterday the randomness of football, the chance encounters with a “good guy”, the coffee with a man who has supported Longdale Phoenix Rovers in the Mid Ipswich Methodist League every season for 51 years. He is the guy who was ball boy, player, coach, manager, chairman and has clocked up 2,432 games and only missed one game in 1973 when he was in intensive care! He talks fondly of a run of two games in the FA Trophy and sighs that they were only 111 games from Wembley! Random, casual or call it what you like. I first met people like Mike Turner, Lawrence Dagnal and Dean Grimshawe when cycling around the UK in 2010. We are all still in contact. Fabulous.

So, today it is an enormous pleasure to introduce you to two INCREDIBLE football fans as I go back to Liverpool Football Club. Let’s start with Football Cartoons Everyone who knows me knows that I love football and art. Sadly my playing days are behind me and sadly I have never been able to draw as much as a line. For that reason I love people like Gillingham Legends, Papilios Creative, Football Art Online and others who share their passion for art and football. Remember that Simon Ellinas has even “captured me” … twice (below)

Yes, here we have a HUGE Liverpool fan, who shares his passion for art with his passion for his club. Remember football is so much part of the City of Liverpool and Merseyside. I worked there in the 1970s when the city was pretty much on its knees. Our office was in the Cotton Exchange on Bixteth Street and my territory was out of the centre, through Toxteth and Speke and onto Widnes. I got “promoted” to Manchester and its leafy suburbs 18 months later. I was a kid straight out of university and at the quarterly sales meeting the Chairman said, “Congratulations to Steve. In 13 years we have never had a salesperson on that territory that has ever hit target. He deserves Stockport and Wilmslow!” Little did I know. So, I learned a bit about Liverpool humour and its passion for football. I remember a rugby game at Alt Park, Huyton where the ref and both teams had to walk the length of the park to clear it off broken glass, stones, bottles etc. When we had done it once, the ref made us do it again…. and we found another bagful of debris. Interesting days! I went back in 2010 as I cycled to the grounds and was given a tremendous welcome at Liverpool, Everton and Tranmere Rovers. Since then Klopp has arrived and done a magnificent job! My money is on him taking the Premier League again this season. Good luck …oh, and yes, Everton to stay up!

..and how could I not mention the Kop around the Dock…..absolutely UNIQUE in English football.

PS Here’s more from Football Cartoons , FB page and please do not forget what we are all trying to achieve and consider supporting FC Deportivo Galicia and/or Prostate Cancer UK

John Knight (left) and Mike Hayes (right) of Coys Cars


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