Tuktuk Day One

Jeff Stelling – hero!

Well, that’s it. It’s Day One!

Today is the day I set off on a 90 day digital tuktuk journey to the 92 clubs in England and Wales and dozens of non league clubs too!

Obviously, I set off from my beloved FC Deportivo Galicia (DGL) after their game against Langley in the Combined Counties League. Step 6 – only nine levels down from the Manchester Uniteds and West Hams of this world. Ooops, must not forget Arsenal as I have generously been sponsored by Rogelio Loureda and Richard Atkinson to visit their stadium. (More of that anon)

The game itself. Well, sadly we showed the visitors too much respect and two disappointing individual mistakes gave them a 2-0. Their midfield general was dictating play. We brought 4 subs on and quickly took the offensive. 10 minutes left is there a miracle? Maybe and then our captain, Matty Orobio, smacked an unstoppable direct free kick into the net 1-2. Terrific freekick but sadly the clock ran out and the visitors had plundered all three points.

The beauty of football? We go again. Next week it is our friends at Bagshot. I need to confirm but expect it will be played at Camberley. Grass on a hill. Let the battle begin.

It has been a busy few days of preparation and at this stage I really want to thank all those who have already helped to even get me started. Obviously Bobby Power and Keith Nicol in Spain who were among the first to know, my local MP, Seema Malhotra, Leo and Martin Decabo at DGL together with management, fans, volunteers and players, Ed Cagigao who was the person who first introduced me to DGL, the media and football divisions of Prostate Cancer UK and those who immediately put sponsorship money on the table. It’s a tiny amount towards the target so far but you don’t know how important it is from a motivational perspective. As Disney taught us, “Every great journey starts with a single step.” You guys pushed me over the starting line….the most difficult step.

So, I will be doing a daily update here in the blog and you will also find me on Facebook, Twitter , Instagram and LinkedIn l profess no knowledge of IG so I might be slow on there!

It all reminds me very much of Bjørn Heidenstrøm’s journey from Norway to South Africa back in 2009. I will never forget his first words, “So you are a Brit who lives in Spain, on holiday in Sweden and you are reading my blog in Norwegian. You can work with me!” If you don’t know the whole story just flip through this site to learn about the Bold, Bald, Brave Man from the North!

Until tomorrow
Thanks everybody


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