Tuktuk Day Four

Well, after introducing you to FC Deportivo Galicia and Prostate Cancer UK on days two and three, my final Day of Admin is to introduce you to the Sponsor for the 90 Day Tour. It is my good friends at The Worlds Most Expensive Link who have been supporters of the Shirt project since way back when!

It is a very interesting project that I encourage you to take a look at. I especially encourage you to look at their charity work and I am delighted that they recently made a donation to Prostate Cancer UK. Thanks, guys.

I will let them tell the story, ”

How It Works

  • To add your link is a ONCE OFF payment and your link will stay on till at least December 31st 2026
  • 30% (less VAT & PayPal Payment processing fees) of all income will be donated to charities selected by the participants.
    (Whenever a participant’s total is £10 or more we will make a payment directly to your chosen charity.)
  • The site has been live and continuously promoting our participants’ websites since 2007

We are often asked how or why anyone would find this site?

  • We will be promoting the website on our website and on other websites.
  • We will be promoting it in emails we send out.
  • We encourage all participants to link to www.theworldsmostexpensivelink.com from their website.
  • The site is self-publicising in that the more people that participate the more people know about it.
  • Every time someone else joins the site they will see your link till at least December 31st 2026.
  • We send out a monthly newsletter by email to promote the site.
  • When someone holds the number one spot we send them a printed certificate for them to display at their business.
  • Commission payments are sent out monthly promoting the site.
  • Charity payments raised are made in the name of www.theworldsmostexpensivelink.com

It is all bit of fun and an experiment but many people who participated early have already earned back their investment in commission which we pay out to encourage them to keep shouting about the site.

The World’s Most Expensive Link is easy to own.

It simply always goes to the highest bidder. Why not add your link now for as little as a £1?

If you are outbid at anytime and knocked off the top spot you can top up your link to get higher up or back on top.

Other people who want to support you are also able to top up a link.

For Example, if somebody put on a link and it was topped up by £1 per week, a second link added 1 year later would need to pay £53 to get above the first link.

Links don’t devalue over time but will get lower in the list if higher value links are added.

If your links falls from the top spot it will still get long term recognition on Hall of Fame

Your link is guaranteed to stay live until at least December 31st 2026.

Why not add your link now for as little as a £1?”

As you see, www.TheShirt2010.co.uk, www.ThisIsSpain.info, and www.GoWildMagazine.com are all supporters and this week I added FC Deportivo Galicia.

A couple of things to add, they have graciously offered to share the sponsorship with any other organisation who sponsors Prostate Cancer so please do feel to get involved with this project of you are a business looking to get exposure in the UK.


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