Tuktuk Day 90

Hungerford Town

Happy Easter everyone. Hope everybody had a great time. There were some BIG games played and Darren Ashley, who is making a name for himself with his fantastic vlogs, took the opportunity to go down to Hungerford Town.

He said, ” I had a bad feeling that it was going to be anything but a Good Friday.

I contacted Hungerford Town & their manager Danny Robinson midweek to see if it was ok to film my vlog for their home match v Bracknell Town. As I’ve always found in Non League, they were happy for me to do so and were warm with their responses.

Now, all week, it just hadn’t seem to stop raining, and on Thursday, Hungerford announced on their X account that they were to be holding a 9.00 am pitch inspection. Credit to them for doing it early, but, to be honest, I kinda thought, this will be off, so I started to have a look elsewhere where there may be a game, but, to my surprise, the following morning, they announced GAME ON!

The great Easter getaway on the roads…don’t you just love the thought of driving in that but, to be fair, traffic in my direction was pretty good…unlike the opposite direction.

Turned up at the ground then, where it was raining so heavily that it was best to stay in the car until, hopefully it would pass….which it did within 10 minutes, and by the time I recorded the opening part of the vlog, it was beautiful.

I was met at the gate by the very friendly Dean and Gemma. Gemma introduced me to her partner/hubby Chris, who, that week had stepped in as temporary chairman of Hungerford Town FC.

Obviously, I’m always sniffing an opportunity for an interview, but Chris told me..in his words, “ I’d rather not as I have a face for radio”!!!

After some chat, Chris introduced me to media man Martyn, and asked Martyn to show me around.

Martyn was brilliant, a really good guy, and he showed me all around the club.

I was advised that, as Hungerford have an award winning burger…the Bulpit Burger Beast ( something like that), it was best to get it early, as it was very popular and big queues would form.

I declined for now, as I wasn’t hungry, but regretted trying it later on when there was a space in my stomach that needed filling….shame it shut by then .

Met some more nice people, including Danny the manager, and Jordan Ive, his Bracknell counterpart.

They, again, were really nice guys and obliging for a quick on camera interview.

On to kick off now, and a really strong wind was blowing, with ever changing weather throughout the 90 minutes.

Now, I don’t usually give spoilers regarding the game, as it would be great if you watched the vlog found in the comments below, but, the strong wind contributed to the opening goal of the game…a hopeful pass upfield from the Hungerford player, from inside his own half, that bounced a couple of times before bouncing over the Bracknell goalkeeper…who, incidentally, had a cracking match.

That’s it for spoilers.

90 minutes later, game was over, filming and interviews done, it was time to eat this award winning burger.

Oh well, next time. A kind lady gave me a recommendation where to eat in Hungerford high street, so, it was time to go.

So, that was my Non League day out.

Hungerford had been on my radar to do for a while, and was so glad I went because, the people around the club were so lovely to me, and, you would love a day out at their quirky, yet charming Bulpit Lane ground, and if you ever go, or have been, please let me know what THAT burger is like

Oh, one other thing, whilst milling around the ground, a chap called Jeremy approached me, we had a chat, he said nice things about watching the vlogs, and, he has invited me up to Matlock Town to film. So, not sure when that will be, but , that’s another one I have pencilled in at some stage, along, Soham Town Rangers ,Sherborne Town and Belper Town…and, with Kettering Town to do this Saturday, I’m open to more offers.

In the meantime, here is the You Tube of Darren’s trip to Hungerford. You can see the vlogs of all his previous games this season and also register/subscribe free of charge so you will always be the first to see his games. Enjoy!


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