Tuktuk Day 75


Books, glorious books
We’re anxious to try it
Three bios a day, our favourite diet
Just picture a mammoth steak, fried, roasted or stewed
Oh, books, wonderful books, marvellous books, glorious books
Books, glorious books
Books, magical books, wonderful books, marvellous books
Food, glorious books

Magical books
Glorious books

…with apologies to Charles Dickens and Lionel Bart (amongst others!)

Those of me who know me, know that I love football, travel and ………books. I am your archetypal bookworm. I rarely read fiction (other than Tory election manifestos) but will read books about travel, languages/linguistics, politics and, of course, football in five or six languages. As Jane Austen said “It is a truth universally acknowledged that Steve without a book in his hands is a rare site. Well, she might not have said it BUT I am a bookworm/un ratón de biblioteca, en …. and whatever it is in any other language (Finnish? Best guess – kkiikkikkiiakkieeii)

Delighted to get updates from my friends at Pitch Publishing and Stanchion this week. Hopefully they are of interest to you too. Here is an interesting one from Pitch Publishing

Few clubs are “unique” – Athletic de Bilbao absolutely is!

Los Leones: The Unique Story of Athletic Club Bilbao tells the incredible story of the unique Basque club. Athletic’s rich history and Basque-only philosophy causes intrigue across the footballing world. Exclusive interviews with former legends and prominent journalists provide the historical and political context of what makes Athletic so special.

For more books from Pitch Publishing, click HERE

Meanwhile Stanchion’s Craven Cottage – 250 years interested me

It’s all about Fulham’s ground, although the story starts well over 100 years before the football club arrived. Indeed, there was a Craven Cottage on the site in 1777. The story comes right up to date with the building of the second Riverside Stand.

Along the way there is drama, tragedy, high-society parties, the Craven dynasty, heroes and villains, financial crises, the near-demise of the football club, the complexities of the original Cottage building and its numerous tenants, followed by the story of the 130-year evolution of the football ground’s four sides and the current Cottage building – and much more. And this all on a tiny 8-acre site once surrounded by orchards and farms, then by industrial wharves and now by prestigious living accommodation.

For more from Stanchion, click here


I would like your money, just £1 of it! I am struggling to reach my initial target £500 for FC Deportivo and Prostate Cancer at £20 or £50 so this is a bit of a test/a trial if you like. I wonder how many of you would be happy to add just £1? I would be very grateful if you would consider a donation however small to support  Prostate Cancer UK  If everybody chipped in £1 I would easily hit my target of £5,000 and the charity would continue to fund their great work. Every single penny goes DIRECT to Prostate Cancer UK. A HEARTFELT thanks, if you can donate. If you can’t you can still help massively by sharing this page about the work of Prostate Cancer. If you prefer to support FC Deportivo Galicia, their link is here


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