Tuktuk Day 66

Moving on, I was delighted to read the discussions about Clubforce’s fundraising guide in variousl online forums and groups. My page sparked interest. They also have an important communication guide and I thought that this too was worth sharing. Every week I read about financial challenges that the clubs in Steps 1 to 6 and below are facing. We have all heard of the high profile problems at Taunton, Nuneaton, Dover, Rochdale and more but below them every club is fighting. So, I hope this second guide is useful to many.

Engage your team and community.

Master the art of effective communication within your club and beyond, ensuring members stay engaged and informed every step of the way.

Learn about how effective communication is an essential part of a well-run sports club. Expectations of members and wider club communities have never been higher with an expectation of modern, speedy, and accessible communications.

We explore a number of different communication channels, as well as the importance of storing your member’s data securely and GDPR.

  • Learn what is good communication for sports clubs
  • Take advantage of different communication channels – and how to use them
  • Understand how to remain compliant with online communications – especially mobile apps

You can download the FREE GUIDE here


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