Tuktuk Day 62

Gifts In Wills

Hopefully, you will all be aware that the purpose of the Tuktuk tour is to raise awareness and funds for Prostate Cancer UK. I got a regular newsletter from them today reminding me they are grateful for donations through wills. They have an important update where they can help you to help them to help you. Win-win!

“Gifts in Wills fund around 1 in 4 of our research projects. This March, we’ve partnered with the National Free Wills Network so you can have your Will written or updated for free.

It was important for me to leave a gift in my Will, as Prostate Cancer UK need money to fund research. If I could save one life with that money, then I would have achieved the aim.”
Ron, Prostate Cancer UK legacy pledger

Ron was diagnosed with prostate cancer after noticing his PSA level rising each year. After successful treatment, he chose to leave a gift to Prostate Cancer UK in his Will. He did this by using our Free Wills Service. By leaving a gift in your Will like Ron, you can help fund long-term research to save more men’s lives.

For more information (NO personal details required), click here

I hope that the details of the free will service are helpful. Equally, whether it was or whether you have alternative arrangements I would be very grateful if you would consider a donation however small to support FC Deportivo Galicia and/or Prostate Cancer UK  If everybody chipped in £1 I would easily hit my target of £10,000 and life would be easier in West London whilst the charity continues their great work. A HEARTFELT thanks, if you can. If you can’t you can still help massively by sharing this page about the work of Prostate Cancer.

THANKS, Steve.


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