Tuktuk Day 60

Grow your Club

One of the most viewed posts on this site was an in-depth overview about fundraising by Rich Stock.

I thanked him for the valuable content and he thanked me for showcasing it. Win-win. Just the way I like it! We have kept in contact and he kindly sent me another two guides today which I think will be of interest to many who are keen to grow the clubs they support and manage. Thanks, Rich.

Build the best volunteering team!

Empower your volunteers with practical tips and insights, creating a supportive environment where everyone can contribute to your club’s success.
Download here

Engage your team and community.

Master the art of effective communication within your club and beyond, ensuring members stay engaged and informed every step of the way

Download here

…and because I thought the fundraising guide was so important here is “another chance to enjoy” as they used to say before showing “Rambo” for the 56789th time that week on the TV!

Maximise your club’s funding.

Unlock the secrets to successful fundraising strategies, from innovative events to digital campaigns, and maximise your club’s financial potential.

Download here

 I hope that these guides are helpful and if so I would be very grateful if you would consider a donation however small to support FC Deportivo Galicia and/or Prostate Cancer UK  If everybody chipped in £1 I would easily hit my target of £10,000 and life would be easier in West London whilst the charity continued their great work. A HEARTFELT thanks, if you can. If you can’t you can still help massively by sharing this page about the work of Prostate Cancer. THANKS, Steve.


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