Tuktuk Day 58

Well, an interesting weekend. Chelsea fail at Wembley against “Klopps’s Kids” although few note that the average age of the Chelsea team was YOUNGER than that of Liverpool. Let’s not allow facts in the way of sports editors’ favourite storylines! Congratulations, anyway. How many pieces of silver will Klopp win in his last season on Merseyside? I think City will win the league but would not be surprised if Klopp captures all the others. We’ll know by May! Gillingham do a Gillingham (A “Spursy”?) and beat Wrexham to go back into the play-off places. A huge win and now to do a Gillingham (So”Spursy”) and struggle against lowly Salford next time out! Steve, keep the faith!

In the meantime, sad news of the deaths of both Stan Bowles and Chris Nicholl this weekend. Both legends in their own ways in British and Northern Irish football. My thoughts are with their families.

Stan Bowles 1948 – 2024 (left) and Chris Nicholl 1946 – 2024 (right)

Little Princess Trust

On a happier note, I got a lovely letter from the Little Princess Trust which I reproduce in full. For over three years I have been growing my hair to make a wig for a little girl. I had it cut at Academy Studios last week and thought that was the end of it but no….

“Thank you very much for your wonderful hair donation. We can confirm that it has safely arrived!

Thank you for providing your email address which we have used to send you the attached certificate as a small token of our heartfelt thanks. 

Last year, our charity provided almost 2,000 real hair wigs, free of charge, to young people who lost their hair through cancer treatment and other conditions. It is only thanks to kind people like you that this was possible

We would love to stay in touch about our latest news, fundraising events and appeals.

Thank you!”

Nice when people say, “THANKS!” I appreciate them. This leads me to thanking those who have already supported this tuktuk tour. Thanks to those who choose to show their names and also to the anonymous ones. A BIG shout out this week for Steve Jennings who very kindly donated several hundred Birmingham City programmes to the cause. He says he was very happy to support such a great cause and reminded me that he is always on the look out for Birmingham City programmes from the 40s and 50s. Guys, can you please check your collections? I will be delighted to put you in contact if you think you have anything of interest. THANKS!

In the meantime, I hope that you will consider a donation however small to support FC Deportivo Galicia and/or Prostate Cancer UK  If everybody chipped in £1 I would easily hit my target of £10,000 and life would be easier in West London whilst the charity continued their great work. A HEARTFELT thanks, if you can. If you can’t you can still help massively by sharing this page about the work of Prostate Cancer. THANKS, Steve.


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