Tuktuk Day 49

The guys at We Fix Kits are taking their business to the next level. They are shortly launching a You Tube channel and to celebrate are offering a GREAT prize for new followers. All you have to do is shoot over to their Twitter page and follow the simple instructions.

They say. “To celebrate the launch of our YouTube channel, we are giving away this iconic L/XL England 98 home shirt, complete with the Owen 20 nameset. All you have to do is follow us, like, comment and retweet this post on Twitter The winner will be selected on Friday 23rd Feb.”

We Fix Kits: A New Company That Teaches You How to Restore Your Football Shirts

If you don’t know We Fix Kits they continue, “We Fix Kits is a new company that aims to democratise the skill of restoring football shirts – classic, vintage or current. Whether you want to revive your old favourite shirt, or give a new look to your latest purchase, We Fix Kits can help you with their expert advice and services.

We Fix Kits was founded by a team of passionate football fans who have been collecting and restoring shirts for years. They realised that many people share their hobby, but lack the knowledge or confidence to work on their own shirts. That’s why they decided to create a company that not only offers professional shirt restoration services, but also teaches customers how to do it themselves.

“We believe that everyone should be able to enjoy their football shirts, no matter their age, condition or value. We want to empower our customers with the skills and knowledge to restore their shirts to their former glory, or even create something new and unique. We also want to promote the culture and history of football shirts, and celebrate the stories behind them.” – said Will Hogg, co-founder of We Fix Kits.

We Fix Kits provides step-by-step tutorials on their YouTube channel as well as tips and tricks on their social media accounts (@wefixkits on Instagram, Twitter and TikTok). Customers can also send their shirts to We Fix Kits for a professional restoration service, with a range of options and prices to suit their needs and budget.

For more information, please visit @wefixkits on Twitter, Instagram and TikTok”

PUMA – Switzerland

Perhaps I should put them in touch with Puma and the Swiss team. Remember this? Kit manufacturer Puma said it had traced a problem with ripped shirts for the Swiss team at Euro 2016 to a defective batch of material used only in a limited number of home jerseys for the team. During the goalless draw against France, which saw Switzerland join Les Bleus into the knockout phase, at least four Swiss players had to go to the sidelines to swap their torn tops. Oops.

CASTORE – Newcastle United

Puma are not the only company to have had “challenges” as Newcastle United have had problems with Castore shirts this season so it looks like We Fix Kits have found themselves a nice niche. If you have a problem, get in touch with the guys.

I hope that you will consider a donation however small to support FC Deportivo Galicia and/or Prostate Cancer UK  If everybody chipped in £1 I would easily hit my target of £10,000 and life would be easier in West London whilst the charity continued their great work. A HEARTFELT thanks, if you can. If you can’t you can still help massively by sharing this page about the work of Prostate Cancer. Thanks, Steve.

PS Perhaps I should tell Puma and Castore I will take this down if they make a donation! Anybody got a contact there?


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