Tuktuk Day 21

As anybody who has visited TheShirt2010 in the last 15 years will know football kits and shirts have always been an interest of mine.

I am always happy to spotlight the “Good, Bad and Ugly.” I used to think that nothing could get worse than Coventry City’s brown shirt until I saw some of the abominations of the past few seasons that remind me of 1970s wallpaper or carpets!

This story caught my eye on the excellent Kettering Town Facebook feed. It’s a little bit of kit history that should be of interest to shirt collectors.

“On this day (24th January) in 1976, in a Southern League game against Bath City, Kettering Town FC became the first English club to play with a sponsor’s name printed on their shirts after signing a deal with local firm Kettering Tyres.

The Enigmatic Derek Dougan

The deal was brokered by chief executive and manager Derek Dougan. Four days later, The Football Association ordered the club to remove the slogan, but The Doog changed the words on the shirts to “Kettering T”, and claimed that the T stood for “Town”.

Nonetheless, The FA ordered the club to remove the words, which the club did due to the threat of a £1,000 fine.

Shirt sponsorship was eventually legalised within the English game in 1977*.”

* In June 1977 the FA decreed that a 2.5 square inch logo would be permitted in the future provided it was not “detrimental to the image of the game.” Since then it has only got BIGGER and BIGGER.

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