Tuktuk Day 140

FC Deportivo Galicia Away Kit – a shirt of infinite beauty as Jane Austen might have said.

Oh, things are hotting up in Germany. England beat Switzerland on penalties and suddenly we have a feel good factor in the UK. I might add that Labour decimating the Tories could have something to do with it but there again, it might be the first pre-season friendlies taking place.

As you know this tuktuk tour is to raise money and awareness for FC Deportivo Galicia from Heathrow and Prostate Cancer. It was so good to see the Step 6 team step out on the hallowed turf yesterday, even if it was a cage at a local college. There were some old faces and some welcome new additions. Several have already got nicknames due to their uncanny resemblance to Gérard Depardieu, their ear-studs, lack of hair or butterfly physique! I nominated myself as MOTM (as the ball boy) ….think we might need some more shooting practice this week. Whatever, it is good to be back.

Which leads me nicely to a request I got from the manager for funds. Running a team at this level is tough. Gates are low, costs are high and sponsors are not always easy to acquire. Jose Luis Granja writes, “FC Deportivo Galicia is a community-based semi-professional football club based in West London and we are aiming to raise funds through sponsorship for the upcoming 2024/25 season.

We are a club with a deep-rooted connection to West London since 1968, and have been helping offer young people a warm sense of community through football for almost sixty years. I was welcomed with open arms by the club almost 20 years ago and have been part of it ever since. Our objective now is to ensure we keep offering these wonderful opportunities to the next generation of youngsters for another 20 years and more!

Unfortunately, our expenses have increased by almost 30% for next season and this is why fundraising has become even more important than ever, as we look to keep the club’s future intact. We’re looking for contributions to help raise funds to ensure the club continues competing in the Combined Counties Division One, its respective cup competitions, and the FA Vase. But also, to keep offering young, aspiring footballers in London a community-based group to help them thrive and become part of something special.

Thank you!
Jose Luis Granja
Committee Member

Below is a breakdown of how your sponsorship and support will be rewarded:

£25 Season ticket
£50 Season ticket & player sponsor
£100 Season ticket, player sponsor + home shirt
£250 4x Season tickets, player sponsor, home shirt
£500 6x Season tickets, 2x player sponsors, home shirt + scarf
£2,500 – training kit sponsor for the season, 6x Season tickets, 2x player sponsors, home shirt + scarf
£5,000 – home & away shirt sponsor for the season, 6x Season tickets, 2x player sponsors, home shirt + scarf
*a season ticket entitles you to free entry to all home league games and membership of the Centro Galego de Londres (10% off food bill)
**player sponsorship entitles you to a prize whenever your player receives the player of the match award
***all sponsors will be listed on the club’s website, Budget London and www.TheShirt2010.co.uk”

A little birdie told me that it you had other suggestions, Jose Luis would be delighted to accommodate your requests. I know he is keen to attract supporters from the big clubs so the adult season ticket at just £25 for the WHOLE season is something we hope anybody can acquire. Even if you only attend one match, that’s cheaper than a single game at any local PL or Championship club.

Our unique story has lead us to good exposure on social media and even the main Spanish sports’ newspaper, MARCA. We have had video production companies film our games and I know the UK’s two top vloggers Through The Turnstile and Darren Ashley have both been invited down for early season games. Steve Hall features us on www.TheShirt2010.co.uk several times every week.

And in the spirit of inclusiveness and because I will be sharing this on London Spanish news groups i continue in Spanish.

“FC Deportivo Galicia es un club de fútbol semiprofesional comunitario con raizes en el oeste de Londres y nuestro objetivo es recaudar fondos para la próxima temporada 2024/25.

Somos un club con una conexión profundamente arraigada con el oeste de Londres desde 1968 y llevamos casi sesenta años ayudando a ofrecer a los jóvenes un cálido sentido de comunidad a través del fútbol. El club me recibió con los brazos abiertos hace casi 20 años y formo parte de él desde entonces. Mi función ahora es garantizar que sigamos ofreciendo estas maravillosas oportunidades a la próxima generación de jóvenes durante otros 20 años y más

Desafortunadamente, nuestros gastos han aumentado casi un 30% para la próxima temporada y es por eso que la recaudación de fondos se ha vuelto aún más importante que nunca, mientras buscamos mantener intacto el futuro del club. Estamos buscando contribuciones para ayudar a recaudar fondos para garantizar que el club continúe compitiendo en la Combined Counties Division One, sus respectivas competiciones de copa y el FA Vase. Pero también, seguir ofreciendo a los jóvenes aspirantes futbolistas de Londres un grupo comunitario para ayudarlos a prosperar y convertirse en parte de algo especial.

Jose Luis Granja

A continuación se muestra un desglose de cómo se recompensará su amable donación y apoyo:

£25 abono de temporada
£50 Abono de temporada y patrocinador del jugador
£100 Abono de temporada, patrocinador del jugador + camiseta de local
£250 4x abonos de temporada, patrocinador de jugadores, camiseta de local
£500 6x abonos de temporada, 2x patrocinadores de jugadores, camiseta de local + bufanda
£2,500 patrocinador del kit de entrenamiento para la temporada, 6x abonos de temporada, 2x patrocinadores de jugadores, camiseta local + bufanda
£ 5,000 patrocinador de la camiseta local y visitante para la temporada, 6 abonos de temporada, 2 patrocinadores de jugadores, camiseta local + bufanda
*un abono de temporada te da derecho a la entrada gratuita a todos los partidos de la liga local y a ser miembro del Centro Galego de Londres (10% de descuento en la factura)
**El patrocinio de un jugador te da derecho a un premio cada vez que tu jugador reciba el premio de jugador del partido.
***Todos los patrocinadores aparecerán en la página web, Insta y X del club

y si tienes alguna duda no te lo pienses y ponte en contacto con nosotros por Facebook, X o nuestra pagina web.

Please remember that the purpose of this 180 day challenge is to raise funds for Prostate Cancer and an equal amount for FC Deportivo Galicia. As always, I do hope that you are all enjoying this digital tour of the UK and that you will consider a donation to support FC Deportivo Galicia 

If everybody chipped in with just £1, I would easily hit my target of £10,000 and life would be easier at the club.

A HEARTFELT thanks, if you can donate or sponsor. If you can’t, any shares of this site or even this post would be gratefully received.

Thanks again.

EDIT: The Slough HL game has been reversed. It is now at HOME at 12 NOON. Bedfont Sports, Hatton Rd.
Free parking – Tube to Hatton Cross. bus from Heathrow etc. Easy, peasy!


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