Tuktuk Day 119

Kit Holden

After the trip to Arsenal it is back to somewhere a little close to home …not. Many of you will remember Kit Holden for “Scheisse”, his unique book about 1FC Union Berlin or was it his book about the unique Berlin side, 1FC Union Berlin? Well, the good news is that he has a new book almost at print. If it is anywhere near as good as the previous one it is going to be a belter!

“Played in Germany”: In summer 2024, the eyes of football fans worldwide will turn to Germany as it hosts the European Championship. For many, the country seems familiar territory: a footballing behemoth with clubs as famous as its beer and its cars. But, if you look closer, the beautiful game can offer a deeper understanding of Europe’s powerhouse.

Beyond the booze and the bratwurst: what football really tells us about Germany, the UEFA Euro 2024 hosts.

Played in Germany takes us on a journey through modern Germany’s football heartlands in search of the issues which define it. Through the stadiums, songs and simmering resentments of football, it sheds light on a nation so diverse and divided that the only thing which really unites it is the game itself.

The book is available to pre-order through our friends at Stanchion Books

If you missed “Scheisse! We’re going up,” here is an overview .

Journey through the European capital of cool with Scheisse!

Have you ever been to Berlin? And if so do you love it as much as we do?!? We are a bit Berlin-crazy here at Duckworth and one book that really reflects our love for the city is Scheisse! by Kit Holden⚽️🇩🇪❤️

A club on the rise.
A city in flux.
This is Union Berlin.

No football club in the world has fans like 1. FC Union Berlin. The underdogs from East Berlin have stuck it to the Stasi, built their own stadium and even given blood to save their club. But now they face a new and terrifying prospect: success.

Scheisse! tells the human stories behind the unexpected rise of this unique football club. But it’s about more than just football. It’s about the city Union call home. As the club fight to maintain their rebel spirit among the modern football elite, their trajectory mirrors that of contemporary Berlin itself.

Tomorrow I am off to Bristol and a chance to visit two clubs in one day. Sounds like fun. In the meantime, kindly remember that the purpose of this 90 day challenge is to raise funds for my local club, FC Deportivo Galicia and an equal amount for Prostate Cancer. As always, I hope that you are all enjoying the tour of the UK and that you will consider a donation to support FC Deportivo Galicia and/or Prostate Cancer UK 

If everybody chipped in with just £1 I would easily hit my target of £10,000 and life would be easier in West London whilst the charity could continue their great work. A HEARTFELT thanks, if you can.


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