Tuktuk Day 114

Pick My Postcode

After learning of all the great works at Brentford for the last two days, it is time to move on. Where? Literally anywhere in the UK where there are postcodes! For a couple of years I have been a member of Pick My Postcode and yesterday I was checking to see if I had won £10 or £1000 and was pleased to see that my bonus was now touching £100. That’s £100 of “free money” literally for checking my postcode every day….. a 30 second job! What I did NOT know was that if I chose to donate my winnings to a charitable cause that Pick My Postcode would double it! So, that would be £200 for Prostate Cancer UK.

It is 100% free to join and your only commitment is to check your home postcode against their daily list of winners. If your postcode has been chosen at random, you claim the money and they transfer it to you. How do they make their money? Simple, it’s like a free newspaper, say the Metro or London’s Evening Standard and is funded by advertisers.

I only joined about two years ago but it has been around for almost 15 years. As Chris Holbrook says, “I had the idea for a postcode raffle in September 2007 when I heard a similar term on a Radio 4 report about the NHS. I was also inspired by milliondollarhomepage.com, and how advertising on the internet makes things free. I’ve never been a fan of paid competitions in general, because the consumer almost always loses, so worked on the concept of a daily, ad-funded postcode raffle that scaled the prizes along with the audience.”

“Registered postcodes are drawn at random by a computer and posted online. If you share a postcode with someone else who also enters, your chance of winning increases – just like names in a hat! You can win anything from £5 on our flash draw, all the way up to £200 on our main draw – more if you manage to snatch a rollover.” Chris Holbrook, Founder

So, today, I am encouraging each and every one of you to register at no cost whatsoever. They don’t ask for card details or have any type of subscription or fee. Obviously, if you win, you claim the prize money but perhaps you would be kind enough to donate some of it to Prostate Cancer UK or FC Deportivo Galicia. No pressure, no obligation but I would be grateful. Equally, you could use it as a way of raising funds for your club or team. I would wish you well. Note: you must be over 18 to play.

PS Hear from some of the winners here


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