Tuktuk Day 101

It’s Sunday and that can only mean one thing. Darren Ashley updates us on his travels and yesterday he was off to Royston Town for their game against Kettering Town. You are going to love this one.

Before that, sadly, I have to report that a 3-0 defeat for FC Deportivo Galicia at an excellent Berks County condemned the West London club to another season at Step 6. Even before the game, other results made promotion mathematically impossible but a first defeat in eight against a very impressive home side who share the superb facilities at Ascot United was a sad end to a great run. So very close for the last two seasons. It’s got to be third time lucky! Gillingham likewise had a hugely impressive win against Play-Off contenders Barrow but they will need all six points from the remaining two games to even have a chance of scraping a play-off place. I keep the faith! It’s all that keeps us going!

Darren says, “Thanks to an invite from Royston Town media man and board member Neil MacLeod, yesterday, I was in Hertfordshire to film a vlog of their match versus Kettering Town. (Editor’s note: They have played their home games at Garden Walk since 1932. Founded in 1875, it is the third oldest club in Hertfordshire, behind Hitchin Town and Bishop’s Stortford…not a lot of people know that!)

With a warm day expected, I decided to ditch my usual orange coat for something far more befitting of the weather, and, when I arrived at around 13.00, I wasn’t wrong; it was a beautiful spring day.

I met Mick and Steve on arrival…they were manning the entrance of the car park which, is down a lane and in the football ground itself. Mick surprised me by telling me he was there just after 10.00, despite it being a 15.00 kick off. The reason is, anyone would just take the spaces and they were needed, first and foremost, for the visiting away team!

So, once inside the ground, I was immediately impressed how scenic the aptly named Garden Walk ground was. I would imagine all ground hoppers would really like it.

Once settled, I started to meet people from both teams, to find out what the recent form was like, and the moods in the respective changing rooms.

All was positive, so, did my usual pre-match manager interviews. As always, both managers, Chris Watters, and Richard Lavery were friendly and helpful

Chris even went the extra mile by agreeing to do another interview as I wasn’t happy with the lighting when I first interviewed him……the lighting of the bright sun.

So, with kick off time fast approaching, I made my way onto the pitch to capture the teams coming out. This is a relatively new thing I try to do on my clogs, and I’m always grateful when the home team gives me permission and I never take it for granted

I also had another bonus perk, as Neil, had also allowed me up in the gantry to film the match.

Now, as you all know now in this column, I won’t give many match spoilers, as I would rather like to to watch the vlog, but the match was played fast and furious, there were goals, a couple of controversies, and a particularly scintillating performance from one of the teams!

When the final whistle blew, I made my way down from the gantry onto the pitch to capture some celebrations, and, another on the spot interview (that was a first, never had manager post match reaction that quickly before). I really enjoyed doing that. It was an on-the-moment one, although I didn’t notice the background antics of a couple of the players.

It was almost time to wrap up for the day, but first, I had to record the end summary of the vlog and also, Royston Town’s well-known meat raffle!! I was warned that would be lively, and so, it proved.

Time to go home then, however, I had to quickly find Neil and Steve to thank them. They had both been so helpful to me and I wanted to let them know it was much appreciated. Then the drive home.

Honestly, I had a brilliant day. Royston Town is a very special club, and I definitely have to go back next season when I expect them to do some great things, on and off the pitch. I also have to say as well, the Kettering Town team staff and fans were great with me too, which I’m very pleased about, because, I’m visiting their ground next weekend for a vlog, which, incidentally, I’m really looking forward to already.

Thanks for reading, everybody”

So, let’s all shoot off to enjoy Darren’s Vlog and, feel free to subscribe at no cost, so you will never miss a game. Please remember, if you would like him to visit your club, do make contact. I know he will be delighted to try to fit in another 40 games next season!


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