Tom Crossland

Tom Crossland

It is always kind when people congratulate you on The Shirt ride. It is equally humbling when you see somebody doing something much more impressive.

Today I “met” Tom Crossland on Twitter. Like me, he is a Univeristy of Hull student. Unlike me, he is running 75 marathons in just 90 days. That’s just a touch south of 2,000 miles!!

Tom’s Story

This June, I am taking on an epic 1,900 mile run around the coast of England and Wales, to raise awareness of the needs of survivors of trafficking. The goal is to raise £50,000 for the TRIBE Freedom Foundation, a charity inspired by a 1,000 mile run to set up the first UK home for trafficked children. Watch the run which inspired TRIBE Freedom Foundation here .

I was born with cerebral palsy. I was not able to walk until he was over 3 years old and as I grew up I found it difficult to maintain my balance and stay on my feet. Running never came naturally to me.

Setting off from Henley on Thames on 2 June 2021, I will run the equivalent of 75 marathons in 87 days, supported by friends, family and members of the TRIBE community. I would love for you to join me and you can take part in the virtual challenge here:

All funds raised will be going directly to TRIBE Freedom Foundation, a UK charity that works to fight modern slavery across the UK, by raising awareness, providing funding and support for frontline projects to fight modern slavery and working on projects which equip survivors with the long-term support to overcome their previous exploitation.

Learn more about TRIBE Freedom Foundation here:
You can also follow Tom on Twitter

You can learn more and donate on Just Giving


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