The London Football Guide

The London Football Guide

February 4 2023 – game #44 of the season. FC Deportivo Galicia 2 Molesey 2, the home team really did not kill the game off after leading twice and then conceded a last minute penalty. Life …. why we love football. Probably 25+ different London grounds so far in the 2022/2023 season.

Finding out about the games is not the easiest. I am on the mailing list/membership list/ FB/ Twitter of probably 30 or 40 clubs but still I was missing interesting midday U21 games, free to attend friendlies, trial games etc. Frustrating …and then I discovered The London Football Guide It is a real godsend. All games are listed in the top 10 levels and are shown on maps of the area. They are colour-coded by time and date. You can zoom in to pitch views to work out how to get to Rainham Marshes, or The Tropic of Ruislip where there surprisingly several teams/grounds. It’s a fantastic resource and I regularly pick up games that I may otherwise have missed.

James Doe is the owner of the site and describes himself..."I'm a QPR fan and follower of Harrow Borough in the Southern League. In 2010 I set up Non-League Day to help promote semi-professional and grassroots football. I'm hoping that TLFG will help provide a similar boost for football clubs around the capital. I also worked at BBC Sport for 10 years before it relocated to Salford but decided not to go, such was my love of London." 

"This blog aims to promote football in England's capital city. On a weekly basis I hope to list all games taking place inside the M25 motorway within the top 10 levels of the national system and also give a few recommendations of matches that I think could be worth your while. Whether you're a resident, groundhopper or tourist, I hope you'll find it helpful." 

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