Speedomick (AKA Mick Cullen)

I came across a fantastic story today and it needs re-telling. I have nothing but immense respect for Mick and hope to meet up with him in Plymouth in a few days’ time.

Please either share his story or support him as best you can. Thanks!

I will be walking 1000 miles to fundraise for Leave the light on starting on the 6th December from John O’groats to Lands end. It will take at least 7 weeks and I will be walking close to a marathon a day .  I will of course be making this journey whilst being in my swimming attire, ie speedos goggles and hat which will make this challenge a very cold one but it will bring a lot of smiles to people’s faces I am sure, as well as raising awareness and vital funds to start up our new  projects .

We are fundraising for community projects for disadvantaged young people, creating opportunities to bring people together to overcome isolation and experience positive attention and affirmation and to hopefully broaden their horizons . 

A third of children our living in poverty in our area after decade of austerity has stripped away many of our vital services and safety nets that help stop vulnerable people falling through those safety nets . The measure of a civilised society and caring society is how we treat and care for the most vulnerable in that society.

In response to the issues that leave people isolated and hopeless, we want to respond with community projects that bring people together so that they may draw from each other’s strengths.

We would like to help build a more inclusive community where everyone is welcome respected and supported.

Please join us in trying to make a difference wether it be big or small . 
Thank you Donate


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