Spain to Norway

Spain to Norway

Spain to Norway on a Bike called Reggie

Many will remember that the whole Shirt Project started with Bjørn Heidenstrøm cycling from Norway to South Africa in 2009/2010. I followed up in 2010 cycling to the 92 EPL and EFL grounds in England and Wales. The next year Bjørn cycled the length of Norway. Although not connected with the project I was delighted to read of Andrew Sykes’s cycle ride from my beloved Spain to Norway – not to Oslo in the South but to the very top, twice the distance! Respect to Andrew. Let me introduce you to Andrew …. and Reggie!

Spain to Norway on a Bike Called Reggie

Meet Andrew: French teacher, writer and long-distance cyclist.

Now, meet Reggie, his bike.

With two European cycling adventures already under his belt, Andrew was ready for a new challenge. Exchanging his job as a teacher in Oxfordshire for an expedition on Reggie the bike, he set off on his most daring trip yet: a journey from Tarifa in Spain to Nordkapp in Norway – from Europe’s geographical south to its northernmost point.

Join the duo as they take on an epic journey across nearly 8000 km of Europe, through mountains, valleys, forests and the open road, proving that no matter where you’re headed, life on two wheels is full of surprises.

Andrew P. Sykes is a writer and cyclist. He is also a lover of those quirky, humorous travelogues that meander comically from one minor adventure to the next, and so writing about his own cycling adventures seemed the natural thing for him to do.

When not writing and travelling, Andrew edits a popular cycling website,, where you will find more information about his journeys and cycling and travel in general. For more details, visit, the Cycling Europe on a Bike Called Reggie Facebook page, and follow Andrew on Twitter @CyclingEurope.

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