As many of you know, I lived in Spain for 20 years, speak Spanish and am fascinated by politics and particularly the Spanish Civil War. Mr Z added 1+1 this afternoon and definitely got his maths correct as he plastered this beauty over my Facebook feed. Unusually I was grateful. Look at this thing of beauty.
I dived into the RedMolotov website and found many other interesting shirts that deserved a share so here goes….

Buenaventura Durruti Football Shirt

This exclusively designed football shirt has been created as a tribute to the Spanish Civil War anarcho-syndicalist Buenaventura Durruti. Designed in the diagonally-bisected red and black colours of the confederal militias to which Durruti belonged, it features an embroidered badge showing the coat of arms of the Consejo Regional de Defensa de Aragón (Regional Defence Council of Aragon) – the autonomous region founded by the Confederación Nacional del Trabajo (CNT) in 1936. The front of the shirt features the Republican slogan “no pasarán” (“they shall not pass”) across the front where a sponsor logo would usually be, whereas the back features the name “Durruti” and the number 36 (the year of the formation of the Durruti Column), plus the slogan A las Barricadas (“To the Barricades”) – the title of one of the most popular songs of the Spanish anarchists during the Spanish Civil War. Lyrics here

This shirt has been produced by Sigur Sportswear exclusively for RedMolotov.


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