Prostate Cancer Fundraising

Terry Butcher, English football legend.

Prostate Cancer Fundraising

Join the biggest ride in football – Football to Amsterdam 2018

In 2013, 30 hardy fans joined the fight against prostate cancer and took their respective club into Europe, cycling 150 miles to Amsterdam.

Between 2014 and 2017, the number of riders rose from 150 to 350, and the event now involves three different start locations and over 400 fans fans from over 60 clubs.

If a challenge, a great laugh and camaraderie of riding in unison with football fans from across the country appeals to you, let us know you are interested.

Terry Butcher’s guide to the biggest and best ride in football

I’ve taken part in this ride twice and the camaraderie and team spirit is simply fantastic. If you’re going to do one charity event a year, then this is the one to do. Here’s my guide to Football to Amsterdam 2018:

1: Get signed up early

As well as getting your fundraising started early, signing up gives lots of benefits. Plus, if you’re thinking of doing the Yorkshire route, the early birds can choose what time their return flight will be, so you can get that well-deserved lie in. Be warned though, the fun doesn’t stop at the finishing line in Amsterdam – the journey back to the UK is another adventure!

2: Choose the right bike

If you don’t have a bike, don’t worry. While you can spend silly money these days, you can get a decent road bike for £250. The right bike is the key. If you are part of a team, try approaching your local bike shop to see if they will do you a deal or sponsor you with a bike. Three years ago I used an old bike and painfully regretted it. The following year, I really benefited from having the correct equipment and enjoyed the event far more than the first time.

3: Representing your club

Last year we had riders from over 60 football clubs across the Premier League, EFL and Non League. Let us know if you want to ride for your club, whether that’s Arsenal or Accrington Stanley. Prostate Cancer doesn’t choose its victims: that’s why we are all Men United.

4: Hitting your target

We have a great time on this ride, but it’s a much better experience going into the event having hit your fundraising target. Once registered, set up an online fundraising page (linked to your team and event) and keep an eye out for lots of ideas about how to smash your target. It’s not difficult to raise money with a bit of planning and realistic expectations. Just sending an email to your family and friends might help but you need to do a little bit more than that these days. The more you raise the more help that money can buy.

5: Getting fit

Signing up early also means you have to start training early. You don’t need to be Bradley Wiggins for this event but doing a regular 20-30 miles in the build up to the ride will help. You will never cycle more than 25 miles between rest stops and that’s good to remember when fatigue begins to set in. If you’re part of a team it’s great fun getting out for training rides (and easier too), especially when finishing with a pint or two at the end.


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