Prospect Networking


Prospect Networking

Prospect Networking is a very diverse collection of international friends who come together on a Facebook group. The majority are UK-based and many of us have known at least some of the members for a number of years. This longevity and consistency have turned into one of my favourite “Water Cooler” groups. Yesterday, a number of members came out strongly in support of a joint effort to assist me as I cycle through the UK. I am grateful for this and will introduce you to some of their key members over the coming days.

Who better to start with than the sage administrator of the group, life-long Burnley FC fan, Steven Healey! I am looking forward to meeting him and his partner, Angelika, as I travel through Wilthire. He has recently started a new blog and I am happy to recommend that.

Thanks to all at Prospect Networking. I look forward to meeting many of you as I tour the UK.


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