Penny Power OBE

Penny Power OBE

One of the most exciting parts of the whole Shirt Project, was the opportunity I have had to meet so many exciting, positive and professional people. So may people have supported Bjørn and I that it is invidious to name names but I must give a huge shoutout to Penny Power and her husband Thomas who supported me magnificently in 2010 as I cycled through the UK. They were the owners and leaders of Ecademy and I had the pleasure of meeting up with them a number of times that summer. Moreover they introduced Bjørn and I to many supporters who made our two tours possible. HUGE THANKS, guys.

So, I was really excited to read about an amazing new initiative from Penny and it is the least I can do to share it. I wish her every success…..although I am not sure she will need it.

JOIN MORE THAN 100 INVESTORS in The Business Cafe crowdfund

Imagine if tomorrow you could pop into your local Business Cafe and sit in plush surroundings, served by lovely staff who make an effort to know your name, and maybe ask a Digital Friend to help you with a skill you would like for your business.

You may remember us, Penny Power and Gail Thomas – we are creating community and delivering digital skills and support for sole-traders, SMEs and people in business for FREE.

Our coffee shops will be a great place to network, make business friends and get to grip with business apps.

We want to get the first one going in early 2018, please support our crowdfund.

In addition to food and beverage, our revenue comes from the brands who pay to feature on our Digital Menu and train up our Digital Friends to help businesses in each locality become aware of and benefit from better productivity.

Check our pitch page and make your investment here.

So far we have:

*already gained private investment to develop the business and operational structure

*got huge support and online community from SMEs across the UK and beyond, see testimonials from our youtube channel here

*signed major brands on to our Digital Menu

I hope you’ll join our journey, we’d love to have you on board.

With friendship first

Penny Power OBE

See our video here to learn about us.


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