Nordkapp, Norway

Facebook sometimes surprises me. Amongst the urgent requests for friendship from Nigerian or Nicaraguan bank managers and princes, ridiculous request for love from Thailand and Taiwan, occasionally an item of genuine interest appears in my inbox. This week shared the sort of madcap adventure that I love. A car rally to Nordkapp, Norway, the most northerly point in northerly Norway!
Yes, NORTH with a capital “N.” Whilst nowadays you could get from the UK to Nordkapp to Nordkapp in 24 hours thanks to Hurtigruten, Ryanair and Norwegian, the heroes of today’s story are driving there. Niall Dodds and Sue Weaver are however not in a 2023 BMW or Audi but in a 198 estate that has, to be kind, seen better days and has covered a “few” miles and a “few” kilometers!

Kathryn Sassal
was kind enough to highlight this and I promised to put together an article. Remember that the whole Shirt project was started by a Norwegian, Bjørn Heidenstrøm, the “Bold, Bald, Man of the North” who cycled to South Africa from Norway in 2009/2010 and in 2011 cycled the length of Norway!
So, “What’s it all about, Alfie?”

The Story So Far

The Arctic Circle

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From 3rd to 18th March, Sue and I will be driving our aircooled 1968 VW on an epic adventure, deep into the Arctic Circle to Nordkapp, Norway, in the depths of winter. This will be a test of man/woman and machine, 2 weeks driving through epic scenery, sub-zero temperatures and snow. What could go wrong?

We’re hoping to raise £1/€1/$1 for each of the 5,500 miles driven on our roundtrip adventure, which will take us via England, France, Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Finland.

Follow our journey on Instagram, @3xb_b_b @sue.c.weaver @coloradosquareback

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Before the Start

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