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SSC Napoli

In an interesting variation on a theme, SSC Napoli has launched an intriguing limited edition shirt for Valentine’s Day. I was watching the Napoli Cremonese cup match and saw the home side in white shirts with a big lipstick logo. Off I wandered to the official Napoli website to read this…

Elif Elmas, Napoli’s Macedonian International

“In collaboration with EA7, SSC Napoli is adding to its 2022/23 collection with a special jersey dedicated to Valentine’s Day.

The limited-edition jersey will be worn for the first time during Napoli’s Coppa Italia tie with Cremonese on Tuesday 17 January and will also go on sale from 15:00 CET on the club’s web store, Amazon brand store, official stores and a select group of resellers. The shirts worn against Cremonese in the Coppa Italia will also be put up for auction on MatchWornShirt ( from 20:00 CET on Tuesday evening until 15:30 on 28 January. All proceeds will go to charity to three NGOs in the local region regarding gender-based violence: Dedalus Cooperativa Sociale, Le Kassandre and Le Forti Guerriere del Rione Sanita.

Dedalus Cooperativa Sociale ( has over 40 years’ experience in research, planning and management of services relating to social value, with an involvement in problems linked to exclusion among weak groups, the economy and regional development. Since 2001, it has managed refuge services, psychological support, citizen guidance and active research into women living in suffering. It manages two anti-violence centres and two residential homes for women, who may be alone or have children, experiencing violence and mistreatment.

Contact details: 081 291218 –

Le Kassandre ( is a cultural association for social promotion that was founded in 2004 by a group of Italian and foreign women from different generations and backgrounds, who were brought together by a desire to combine professional commitments with social issues, particularly relating to gender, equal opportunities and the education and training of new generations. The association offers supportive services to both Italian and foreign women escaping violence through offering refuge, information, individual and group counselling, legal guidance, professional guidance and skills assessments. The association is part of the interinstitutional anti-violence network at the Napoli city hall.

Contact details: 388/0979950 –

L’Associazione Forti Guerriere del Rione Sanità ( was founded in Rione Sanita in 2019 following the murder of Fortuna Bellisario, a local woman who was murdered by her husband in the presence of their children. The women in the Rione Sanita neighbourhood decided to make their voices heard and rebel against a widespread trend of inter-family violence. Women at the association have been involved in awareness campaigns at schools, prisons and in the local area and have learnt how to be soundboards for other women who would rather engage with individual women than institutions.”

Contact details: 081/19571624 –

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