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Macclesfield Town

I was excited to read about Callum and his friends yesterday. They were off to see Macclesfield Town play. Nothing special about that except they were walking there from Liverpool!!

Read on, dear readers!

So, Callum and his friends Joe, and Jordan are WALKING 440 miles to visit 33 football clubs over just 16 days. Impressive! Hugely impressive! I reached out to them on Facebook and soon got a bit more of the story.

They say, “When time is precious for families who find themselves facing a life changing, life shortening or a terminal condition me&dee provide a break in our lodge for them to create precious memories to hold forever. By making your donation you help me&dee deliver something that means the world to both adults and children, ensuring that the environment and the experience they have somewhere to cherish, love and remember. Thank you for your support, as a self funding local charity we depend on donations from people who believe in the work we do.”

How can you help? Well, the good news is that everybody can help. A very practical way is too share their story (see below). Secondly, you are welcome to walk with them as they pass your area. You can check where they are on their Facebook page in real time. If you can’t do that, you can walk one mile anywhere in the world and donate £1. Obviously, if you are able, you are welcome to donate more but just a few thousand people donating £1 would make a massive difference. If you are a business, they have sponsorship offers and I will additionally highlight you on any of my sites too. You can contact them via Facebook or Twitter.

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We are a Derby based charity that provide holidays in our lodge that is located in Sherwood Forest. We give memory making holidays for adults and children who face a life changing, life shortening or terminal conditions. By donating, you have become a memory maker, thank you for supporting us.

Charity Registration No. 1146147

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Total raised £32,054.00 (+ £6,285.50 Gift Aid)
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  • Hayley Lees44 minutes agoWell done guys! Keep going xxx£30.00 + £7.50 Gift Aid

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