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Whilst most everyone knows I am a football fan, and many will know that I am a shirt collector, I am sure few will know that I have been fascinated by philately/ stamp collecting since the early 1960s.

My friends at Liverpool Stamps did a blog recently about football ON stamps. It would be rude not to share it! In 1966 England hosted the World Cup and not only hosted a great competition but even won it! the final between West Germany (who?) and England ended in an amazing 4-2 victory after extra time. A few days later, the Post Office (who?) announced they were overprinting the World Cup 4d stamps with the two words, “England Winners.” There was talk of it being hugely valuable, rationed and all kinds of other stories. On the day it was launched I remember running up the road to our local post office with a few pence in my hands and hoping I could get this historic stamp. I got to the post office to see a queue from here to eternity. My heart dropped but I quickly realised that they were pensioners collecting their weekly pension (all pre-internet!) I got to the counter and asked whether I could please, possibly, if it is in any way feasible get five stamps. The postmaster looked at me and passed me five. I carefully put them into an envelope I had brought with me …….. my life was complete!

England World Cup Winners, August 1967

“On July 13th, 1930, a historic event took place as the inaugural FIFA World Cup kicked off in Uruguay. This marked the beginning of a legendary tournament that would captivate football fans around the globe and become a symbol of international sporting excellence.

The first-ever FIFA World Cup brought together teams from various nations to compete for the ultimate prize in football. Uruguay, as the host nation, provided a stage for the world’s best players to showcase their skills and passion for the beautiful game.

At Liverpool Stamps, we celebrate the spirit of the FIFA World Cup through our collection of stamps. Visit our website,, to explore our range of stamps that capture the excitement and glory of football’s greatest tournament.

Let us relish the historic beginnings of the FIFA World Cup and the legacy it has created in the world of football. Follow us on social media to stay updated with our latest stamp releases and connect with fellow philatelists who share a love for the global phenomenon of the World Cup.”

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Hopefully, Liverpool Stamps will showcase some other great football stamps. Anybody remember the colourful EspaƱa 82 stamps? Some of my favourite of all time. Sadly Naranjito, the official mascot was not as successful as England’s 1966 World Cup Willie,. Spain crashed and a magnificent Italian team complete with the unplayable Paolo Rossi took the title.


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