In footballing terms, I now announce my “pre-season training event in Lanzarote which will be for the benefit of The Kennel Klub of Lanzarote. Over three days I shall do a leisurely cycle tour of the island stopping at many local businesses. I am sure that we can get 50 bars, restaurants, businesses etc to sponsor the ride at 10 euros each. This would be 500 valuable euros for Laura Johnson and her team at the Kennel Klub. If we also find 500 supporters to donate 1 euro each, the Kennel Klub would make another 500. I will definitely be going out there looking to make 1000 euros for our four-legged friends whilst I pedal away. Hope this helps them! The second cause I am supporting is the community at Sun Park Living where the Sunrockers and I are looking to raise 500 euros for their cause. More on that soonest.

Laura tells me that 5 euros will pay for one day in private kennels for one dog. That will mean one day of safety, food, water and shelter. The more 5 euros I can raise, the more days/dogs they can afford to look after without the risk of them being euthanised.

* 10 euro will pay for a dog to be microchipped which greatly reduces the risk of a dog being abandoned or lost in the future.

* 20 euros will pay for a dog to be vaccinated against common illnesses and prevent them from contracting them.

* 50 euros will pay for a male dog to be sterlised thus reducing the number of unwanted/unplanned litters.

So, if you would like to donate a fixed amount for a specific cause, Laura will be pleased to advise. My target is 1,000 euros. How she decides to use the money is 100% up to her and her team!

The tour is being organised by Mike and Julie at which is the ultimate source of information in English about the island. Without them the tour would NOT be possible. I will be proud to wear whatever shirt they choose for me over the three days! THANKS, guys.


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