La Liga

Real Madrid 2021/2022

I moved to Spain in 2001, so 20 years ago. In honesty I had not been a huge follower of Spanish football which certainly at international level had failed to deliver despite the galaxy of club sides. My interest in Spanish football started following a local side FC Torrevieja (as was!) that later became something of a legend four levels below La Liga. Crowds were regularly ten times bigger than the other 23 teams and often more. In other words we were reguarly getting bigger crowds than those in La Segunda, just one level down from La Liga. In English terms it would be like Bromley getting crowds ten times bigger than Boreham Wood or as big as QPR in the Championship. Work took me more and more to Madrid, my Spanish improved and high (-er!) speed internet enabled me to start following Real Madrid more closely until it became quite addictive! Probably Barcelona were more fashionable but De Gaal was never my favourite mananger. they had Puyol, Luis Enrique and De Boer but Real Madrid had Del Bosque in team which included Casillas, Morientes, Zidane, Figo, Ronaldo (Brazilian!) and more. No contest!

So for the past 20 years, I have closely followed las camisetas (the shirts) in La Liga and below. Obviously Real Madrid are globally famous for the miniaturistic white shirt whilst Barcelona’s is their emblematic blue and scarlet. Athletic’s red and white mirror Southampton’s eternal red and white stripes. Sevilla are loyal to their white and red, whilst across town Real Betis are green and white. Fortunately, Sevilla’s “cucumber” strip was a one-off publicity stunt as was Atletico’s Spiderman!

This season’s La Liga shirts have been collected by PlanetaFobal . Enjoy!

Real Sociedad
Real Sociedad – Covid Launch
Athletic Bilbao – 2021/2022
Sevilla 2021/2022


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