Kits For Meals

Kits For Meals

In October 2020 the UK government voted against supplying children’s free school meals during the autumn half-term. This caused huge public unrest and the Manchester United footballer, Marcus Rashford, has spearheaded a campaign to fund meals for children which has been tremendously received ….. except by Conservative politicians. A petition has also started and within a few days has over one million signatures demanding government action.

Toby Freestone believes that we in the shirt community can do our bit by supplying some funds towards meals for the vulnerable and has started a JustGiving crowdfunding

The entire sum raised by this initiative will be donated to Fare Share :
They will ensure the funds reach the most vunerable.

This is being driven as a Twitter campaign and every tweet should end with #KitsForMeals Please, share the link far and wide!

The whole Rashford “thing” is becoming something of a phenomenon. Liverpool fans are promising him a standing ovation when, eventually, crowds attend a Liverpool – United derby and the Liverpool manager, Jürgen Klopp, said “In a time when people in charge don’t show any kind of proper leadership, that he has to do it is a shame, but it’s wonderful. I hope his Mum’s proud of him, I don’t know him… but I am. With all the rivalry between the clubs and stuff like this, in these moments as footballers, and as human beings – always united.”

Klopp and Rashford – two leaders

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