Jeff Stelling (Again!)

Jeff Stelling

I am excited to have received this email from Jeff Stelling today. It is so important that I pass it on in its entirety


Marching to Wembley feels like only yesterday

You may be aware on this day last year (30 March 2016) I completed my 262 mile march from Victoria Park, the home of my team Hartlepool United, to somewhere we’d never been, Wembley, for Prostate Cancer UK.

We were joined along the way by 400 people fundraising to help stop prostate cancer being a killer. Together we raised over £420,000 and we reached thousands, possibly millions, of people across the UK on TV, radio and in the press.

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Last year was an amazing and humbling experience. With Russ Green (former Hartlepool CEO now at Rochdale) by my side for the 10 day journey we met so many people with inspiring stories. Like Kevin Webber, a 51-year-old, diagnosed with incurable prostate cancer and given two years to live. This year Kevin will be doing all 15 days, warming up to it by undertaking the Marathon De Sable. He’s raised thousands and aims to raise even more walking with me, and he’s getting his company involved too. Like many football fans he was unaware of the disease until it turned his life upside down.

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After the agony and ecstasy of the walk last year, particularly the agony, so many people, like Kevin, have been in touch with me, with stories of their fight against prostate cancer. I decided I couldn’t sit on my backside and do nothing. And with your support I know we can make this bigger and better than last year. It has to be. Prostate cancer kills one many every hour in the UK and we need to make sure as many men and their families are aware of the risk of the disease.

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I want to get out there and meet as many people as possible, and raise the money to stop this disease in its tracks. I’ve seen and heard how it is ruining lives of families across the country and that’s why I’ll be putting on my walking boots in 2017. And I’d love your support. If you haven’t already signed up now is the time to join me and help us beat this disease.

You can find out more about the route here:

We hope you can join us for an amazing adventure in June.

Best wishes

Jeff Stelling

Prostate Cancer UK ambassador

PS If marathon walks are not for you visit to find out about our local walks in London, Leeds and Glasgow.


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