Henry Moss

Henry Moss – Crossing the Line in 2018

Henry Moss

Here’s a nice “shirt” story. This is my dear friend, Henry Moss. Top guy apart from supporting Arsenal and telling appalling jokes. They don’t get better even after 25 years (Arsenal AND his puns).

Sadly, he is not in the best of health BUT he nevertheless hopes to raise over £1,000 for research into the horrible disease of Colitis, that he, and millions of other people, suffer from. Henry is a battler and he says, ” I haven’t been too well over the last couple of months, due to this nasty disease called Colitis. It’s meant that I could train or run properly, and I was even thinking of pulling out of the Royal Parks Half Marathon but the good news is that I’m now 95% recovered and running properly again. I’m proud to  be doing my little bit to raise awareness and funds for this extremely worthwhile cause. Whatever you feel able to donate however big or small, is so gratefully received, and will go some way to cure this for future generations Love and thanks again.”

I am proud to support him. Will you? I was thinking that as this site is about shirts we could maybe bid to win the shirt he runs in. Maybe, if you have a company, you would like to sponsor his training shirt. He could wear your company polo as he pounds the streets of North London in the next few weeks. Let me know and I will pass your ideas on to Mr Butterfly. (Dreadful pun on Moss – Moth – Butterfly. Sorry!)


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