Year round essentials for cycling Final Version (1)


Well, it was minus 18 last week and we had 20 cms of snow here on the Swedish/Norwegian border. Sadly it will get colder and the snow will get deeper, so it is little surprise that my mind wandered today to warmer days in the saddle. I was pleased to find this very useful infographic from Halfords in the UK and I used it to review my requirements for the coming season. Halfords have been the UK’s leading cycling retailer for many years and I am always happy to recommend them.

Next week I am paying a visit to their large Chiswick store to purchase more equipment. Their staff are cycling people and enthusiasts themselves. They don’t serve dishwashers or curved screen TVs! In other words, they know their onions as my granny would say! Crucially they are open until late in the evening, so I can visit after a day’s work at nearby Brentford. My main reason for visiting is for some new cycling shoes and I will be checking out their Shimano range, I am sure. I will add some overshoes, no doubt and probably some and some and some. It will be like Christmas. I am not specifically looking for a new bike but know that I will be tempted! They have a price match policy which always impresses me. I know I am going to get professional advice on getting the best product ….. and at the best price. Win-win!

Obviously, cycling has boomed in popularity over the past few years in the UK and Halfords have been growing in numbers of stores and in the range of products they supply to keep anybody from the first-time buyer to the professional happy.


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