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My name is David and I work for one of the world’s largest insurance companies, Generali Seguros.

When I heard my long-standing friend, Steve Hall, was embarking on an epic challenge I just had to help out.Previously being an athlete myself, I know allowing him to be free mentally, free of worry, will enhance his performance.

So after some thought I decided, the best way I can help Steve is with two ways.

Firstly I am very pleased to provide Steve with Insurance to keep his mind at ease, knowing one of the world´s largest insurers Generali Seguros will take great care of him if the worst should happen on his 5000 km journey. We specialize in a variety of Insurance products, there is very little I cannot insure! I Will also be very pleased to pledge 5% of my policies towards the nominated charities when you mention “Steve´s incredible challenge.”

Secondly teaming up with I COVERT SOLUTIONS who specialize in the very top end security solutions, a very special tracking device that will not only allow folk to track his movements, but if something was to occur that caused him distress, he will be able to press a button on the device which will alert 5 mobile phones of his exact location. The device is lightweight, waterproof, and is no bigger than a small matchbox. The device also incorporates a website for visually tracking the device.

If I can help you with any insurance at all, or require more information regarding insurances or these very smart trackers, please contact me:

By email

Tel: 603 142 786



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