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I received a very interesting press release today. This was not some club spokesman telling me how excited he was at the launch of the goalkeeper’s away Europa Conference League third change gloves* for just £120 with FREE postage (*sarcasm warning!) This was an announcement about FREE kits for clubs further down the pyramid. It looks very interesting and I would be very interested to hear what happens if you apply!





As transfer fees, salaries and commercial revenue at the top of the game reach astronomical levels, the efforts and dedication of the heroes of amateur football are often under-appreciated and overlooked. We recognise that football at its grassroots is shamefully underfunded, often leaving small local communities with no choice but to contribute their hard-earned incomes to keep their clubs alive.

‘Kits for Clubs’ will pay tribute to our historical connections to football by offering free, bespoke football kits to amateur teams and small clubs across the world. Any club, whether 5, 7 or 11-a-side, freestylers, pub teams or mid-week footballers, is invited to apply for complimentary football kits.


We have designed an application process to help get to know your club, where we will ask for details about what makes you special and why you need our kit.

Once we have this information, a panel of football experts will review your application and decide which clubs are the most suitable for our campaign. You will then be invited to complete your application, so we can customise and deliver your kits for your upcoming fixtures.

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