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Francesco Totti – AS Roma

I have recently met Mark the owner of Football Art Online and was immeditaely impressed with the quality and value of his work. Those of you who know me well, know that I struggle to draw a straight line nevermind anything of beauty.
I guess that explains why I am in awe of people like Mark who have the skill, the talent and the imagination to delight us. I asked Mark to write a piece for and he said that he had recently been interviewd by Keeley at so that I should maybe share that. My pleasure. I wish you both well.

“What began as a hobby in 2020, has now become a full-time business. Store owner Mark combines his skills as a Graphic Designer with his love of football. He produces high-quality iconic, retro and contemporary imagery celebrating soccer.  

1. Please tell us a bit about your company and how it all started.

Football Art Online was born during the first UK lockdown when, while furloughed from my ‘day job’ and looking for something to fill my time, I combined my passion for football with my skillset (I’ve had a lengthy career as a Graphic Designer) and started to create a few creative images initially as a hobby. A few ‘sympathy’ buys then followed from Friends & Family who suggested I shared them with the wider public initially via social media.

A very positive response followed with suggestions for products and enquiries asking if my work was available to then purchase online… and the rest is history! Football Art Online is now my full-time business and from originally selling Canvas Art & Digital Prints, I’ve now expanded into additionally selling retro/vintage football clothinggifts accessories with currently over 900 products available

2. What is your most popular product?

My ‘Escape To Victory’ range has been a huge hit! 

This iconic film is 40 years old this year and so I decided to create a range of artwork, clothing & gifts commemorating this which has even attracted comment and interest from some of the original stars of the film including Russell Osman and the legendary Ossie Ardiles!

3. What do you see as the most important marketing tool for your business?

My most important marketing tool is daily social media engagement! From a standing start I now have over 3000 loyal Twitter followers and regularly post with details of my new products and offers as well as general conversation of our shared love… football!

4. If you could have ANYONE to come and work for you, who would it be and why?

I’d probably say the legendary Commentator, John Motson! With his wealth of football knowledge, I don’t think I’d ever be short of ideas for products and the daily conversation would be wonderful too!

John Motson

5. Do you have any advice for new store owners?

If you’re unsure, go for it!…. Don’t doubt yourself if you’re unsure if your products will sell…there’s an audience out there for anything. 

6. Is there a specific reason you chose freewebstore as your eCommerce platform?

I chose Freewebstore as my eCommerce platform mainly for its simplicity. I’d explored other options previously but with Freewebstore I’ve found that I don’t need to spend as much time doing the ‘techy’ stuff as opposed to its competitors enabling me to have more time to get on with designing & developing my own products! The monthly price is great and the support is first class too.

7. Why is eCommerce important for your business?

eCommerce is hugely important for my business as I view my website as a member of my Team who works for me for 24 hours a day (& they don’t need a lunch break either!). There’s no greater feeling than logging into your Freewebstore panel each morning and finding out that you’ve had sales overnight.

8. Do you have any celebrity customers?

Do I have any celebrity customers? Yes! I was delighted when Russell Osman (ex-Ipswich Town & England professional footballer) bought a T-Shirt from my ‘Escape to Victory’ range, and also commissioned me to create something unique for him. He was then kind enough to post a pic of it on social media giving Football Art Online some huge exposure and subsequently achieving those always welcome online sales!

9. If you could choose one magic power, what would you go for?

If I could choose one magic power, it would be to have more than 24 hours in a day! Football Art Online really is a full-time job but I love it and wouldn’t change it… but sometimes just a few moments when I don’t live and breathe football would be nice….but then again perhaps not!!!

10. And finally, where do you see your company in 5 years time?   

Hopefully it’ll go from strength to strength, will be a recognizable ‘go-to’ brand… & I can be adding new products to my Freewebstore site from a Tropical Island somewhere (while of course watching and talking about football!!)

That sounds like the perfect life Mark! We are delighted that your business is doing well. Best wishes for a bright future. “


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