Fighting Fat With football

Fat Club

Fighting Fat with Football

I saw an interesting post on my Facebook feed this week. It was from Alan Parks a former colleague and friend from Spain. He has moved back to the UK and , well, let him tell you his story.

“As a middle aged man, living in deepest darkest Lincolnshire, when I tried to join a nationally branded football club aimed at overweight men, I was put on a waiting list and left floundering for over a year and that was for a club over an hours drive away.

At the start of 2023 I decided to put my own plan into action. I’ve always been overweight, since I was about 11 years old. Although I played football throughout my twenties I was never able to get on top on my weight issues.

Now, as a middle aged man there are even less options out there for me. Would I go to a slimming club full of women? Would I join a yoga class full of flexible individuals? The answer is a resounding NO. I would feel comfortable in an environment I know, and I know other men feel comfortable – on the football pitch.

I am starting small – putting the word out around my small town and surrounding areas, advertising for men who want to lose weight and maybe have not played football in years. In that setting we, as a group can discuss issues, support each other and encourage all as we all go on our own journeys.

In the future, I think there are possibilities for providing a website, possibly an app, other classes, probably things like circuit training or other activities – all aimed at men who have been inactive for years.

I am calling the group Fat Club – based on the film Fight Club, but the difference is I DO want people to talk about Fat Club. Men of over 40 need a safe place to go to discuss losing weight and exercise and I hope, for the men of Lincolnshire this is just the start!

If you are based in Lincolnshire (near Mablethorpe), need a kick up the backside or just want to follow the journey, you can do on Facebook here Fat Club – East Lindsey | Facebook

If you want to contact me – Alan Parks, you can get me on Facebook here Alan Parks | Facebook or Whatsapp me on 07897 526180 “

I thought that this was such a great idea and heard he needed bibs, so I sponsored his first set of bibs. Perhaps I should rename the project “The Bib 2010” …. well, perhaps not. If anyone else can help or wants to get involved, I know Alan will love to hear from you. He’s both a professional and a fun guy.


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