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I was following a post on FB yesterday about the teams playing on the English pyramid but who are from the islands. Guernsey and Jersey are two teams punching above their weight and playing in the Isthmian and Combined County leagues but the thread moved to FC Isle of Man who play in the North West Counties League alongside Bury, Glossop North End, Cheadle Town, AFC Liverpool and others. So, every away game is on the mainland!

A couple of their supporters joined the thread and kindly gave great advice so a trip to the Isle of Man is now in the diary for the Spring. I would like to thank and Ray for the welcome and information and hope others can make use of it and may be enticed!

Pauline Bruce says, “Ravens (FC Isle of Man) supporters love to welcome visiting fans and to travel over the Irish Sea to away games. As visiting fans and ourselves have to book ferries, flights and accommodation well in advance to take advantage of cheaper deals, it’s very inconvenient for the league to arbitrarily move our fixtures to accommodate cup ties. (I will keep my thoughts on the Combined Counties to myself! Editor)

I hope Bury get through their next cup match. Good luck to them but the following round is scheduled to be when they are due to play us at the Bowl. I believe over a thousand plan to come over and many have already booked their travel and hotels.

I appreciate we are very lucky to have been accepted into the NWCFL and it’s a unique situation in football for visiting fans to have to travel so far but it’s like a breath of fresh air to welcome them, have a few pints at the Pinewood and engage in friendly banter.

I know, from speaking to away fans that they really enjoy their mini break on our lovely island (and the football too). It’s a marvellous league to be in. I just hope that the league take note of our special position when rearranging matches.”

Ray McMullen added, “There is a good regular bus service from the airport to Douglas, actually goes past the entrance to the Bowl.

Or, depending upon flight time, you’d probably want to go into town/check in to your accommodation first. Then get a bus/taxi/walk to the Pinewood for a pre match pint or two and some grub before heading to the Bowl for the 6pm kick off.”

By now I am hooked. I ask about my other great interest – transport and, glory be, Pauline continues, “Have we got railways? Yes we have! A Victorian Steam Railway that covers the south of the island; an electric railway that covers the north of the island and goes to the top of the mountain and a horse tram that trots along the prom in Douglas. Look them up on Visit Isle of Man. They don’t run in the winter but we have a couple of fixtures in April against teams from Liverpool which will be interesting. If you are interested in transport, we also have a transport museum and a motorbike museum.

There will be extra matches at the end of the season including play-offs (maybe) as well. To get the best island experience you are better waiting until the warmer weather when everything will be open. Let me know when you are coming and we’ll get out the welcome wagon.”

As always, the Shirt fascinates me and it’s terrific, isn’t it? Their Twitter says, “We are pleased to say that the Welcome Centre located in the Sea Terminal now stock a range of FC Isle of Man Merchandise.  They are open from 8am until 6pm, Monday to Saturday. Head on down to the Sea Terminal to get your Ravens’ merchandise.”

The website is here (look at the tld!) and this is the Official Twitter account. They are members of @NWCFL Premier Division and sponsored by @ManxTelecom



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