Day 97

Last day of rest before BIG push to finishing line.

One thing that I have realised is that there is only so far the body will do on “empty.” The gods of travllers’ diaries have conspired a little in the last few days of the project and I need to get from Yeovil to Southend in 5 days (via Southampton, Bournemouth and Brighton). Why Southend? Well, my dear friend Milton has some mad idea that I want to play cricket after some 2,000 miles in the saddle. It would be good to see you at Southend – especially if you can bat, bowl or ease my aching bones! Seriously, one thing I have realised as I cycle around is that I should support those who support me. Milton and his colleagues at Ecademy have been a great support. (More on this tomorrow). Realistically, this is my last few hours of R&R and an opportunity to tidy blogs, add photos, confirm appointments etc.

It also seemed opportune to thank all those who have supported me in “oh, so many ways” as the song goes. The trouble is that it is invidious to single one person or a group of people out so I deleted the ever-growing list and thought I would simply say, “If you are reading this, I thank you with all my heart.” Yes, I thank you for offering me as in Steve Hall, the Mad Cyclist, millions of kinds of support, aid, help and assistance. YOU know who you are.

I’ll have an early night, look forward to Swansea Waterfront BNI and then I am off, head down, to Plymouth, Exeter and Torquay. I’ll apologise now if there is not too much daily comment as I have many miles and no accommodation in my diary for the next seven days. If you are in the South West and want to say “hi” I’d love to pull over for a while. If you have a bed, sofa, back of a lorry, Wendy House or whatever so much the better but all contacts are welcome.

Bjørn continues his efforts and the horrifying facts and figures he forwarded today from UNHCR remind me just why I am doing this little journey. Please remind yourself here of the scale of the refugee problem.


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