Day 94

Cowbridge Football Club

Six hours cycling in the rain

… not the most fun I have had with my clothes on! Apparently, the Mumbles, Swansea was the wettest place in the UK today. That does not surprise me! Photos of the Swansea team playing in the sun at Norwich contrast markedly with driving rain and flash floods near their home stadium!

Great to meet an old friend, Mark Press especially when he volunteers to sponsor a day and to cycle with me for the afternoon. Mark becomes only the second person to accompany me…..but he can’t keep up. My slope is his mountain! Good to see you though, Mark!

Carolyn Williams also got me in front of Cowbridge Football Club and their Steve Day and Bob Murphy kindly donated a shirt. Thanks!

Had some good press this week from Whitley Bay and my local paper in Spain (See page 26). Enjoy!


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