Day 89

A great start to the week!

** Two BNI meetings are confirmed for Bristol on Tuesday

** A nice email from BNI Fortress came through overnight.

** BNI Parkside (Long Eaton) are getting me a major article in the main regional newspaper.

** I had a great stay at a nice hotel with a single room, bath, drying rail for clothes and a SUPERB breakfast.

It just reminded me how lucky I was when I read:

** Iraq has 230,000 refugees

** Spain has 42% youth unemployment

** In the UK, there will be 7 applicants per place in clearing this academic year.

Yes, it definitely reminded me how lucky I am and how the refugees, the Spanish youth and the British students are all victims of a “crime”. Their crime? Being in the wrong place at the wrong time. It also reminded me to re-double my efforts to work with the UNHCR as much as I can and raise awareness however I can. That’s a personal challenge to myself for the week ahead. I am hugely fortunate I have accommodation confirmed every one of the next ten days. With “only” the physical challenge of getting from Bristol, Cheltenham, Hereford, Abergavenny, Cardiff, Swansea to worry about, it should be an “easier” week!

Looking forward to see you along the way…..or at least hearing from you.


2 Responses to “Day 89”

  • Janice Westfall:

    Hi Steve: Just checking in to wish you well again. Yesterday, I reflected on how very, very lucky we are. It is SO easy to complain about minor things..until you realize how SO many others are forced to go through life. Look FWD to chatting with you when you are relaxing!! All the best, Janice

  • Steve Hall:

    Yes, we have much to be eternally grateful for. I think on that every day. Thanks for your continued support.

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