Day 82

There has to be one!

I knew it was going to be a long day in the saddle and I urgently needed some provisions, toileteries etc. Right next to the Tesco Arena is the biggest Tesco supermarket I have ever seen. You can actually see the superstore before you see the stadium! It is one of those megamalls with lots of smaller shops etc inside. I asked the guy stacking trollies whether there was anywhere I could park my bike safely for 10 minutes. He pointed to the bike racks. I explained that everything I owned was on three panniers and that I was NOT going to leave them outside nor could I carry them into a store. He kind of shrugged and said, “No, you’re right, just take it in.”

So I got off the bike and walked it into this enormous mall (not into a store) where I met two charming charity collectors. I offered them a deal – a couple of quid in their tins if they just watched my bike for 5 minutes. Deal done. They tell me about their charity, I tell them about mine and we exchange cards. Just as I am checking out the phone rings and it is the girl clearly upset as the security guard has said that he is going to take the bike away. Thirty seconds later I am with him. Now, those that know me know I am a calm guy and not much upsets me (Man City away wins, thieves, cheats and liars) but this guy came perilously close to intensive care. I explained calmly that I had asked his colleague what to do, that his colleague had said to take it in etc. At that stage, he then starts screaming that he’s not “a %^&& c colleague and that he is a $%^& trolley collector”.

Now, all men are created equal in my eye and I did not see me listening to some “security guard” besmirching a valuable member of society…….. and told him so. Anyway, cut a long story short I decided that rather than break every bone in his body I’d walk away and keep Coventry’s finest in their patrol cars. As I walked outside I met the young lady who had been kind enough to mind the bike. She was visibly upset by said security guard and I guessed he had lost the plot with her too. Now, call me sexist if you like but I do not get off on guys absusing ladies. Red mist moment, shall I put him in intensive care or move on. I moved on and cycled through the Tesco carpark thinking dark thoughts about the company and the half-wit they had chosen to join their “team”.

So with appreciation and apologies to the two students at Dogs Trust, I make them “Sponsor of the Day”. I thank you both for your little act of kindness and am sorry that you were drawn into Tesco internal politics. Keep up the good work for the Dog’s Trust and hope your day is productive. You will find full details of their work on this site.

Oh yes, went to Coventry’s stadium,,,,,not much to say LOL!

Ironically, a couple of hours later a $%^&* dog ran into the traffic ahead of me, forcing me off the road. I did not feel quite so charitable towards dogs just then!

So, the day moved on and my little legs eventually got me to a YHA near Milton Keynes just before curfew. A long day with few highlights save for the kindness and friendliness of Evelyne Jeffries of Premiere Classe Hotel in Walsgrave who gets my vote for “Employee of the Day”. Thanks for the coffee before I left, for storing my bike safely and for wishing me well on my way. You might wish to give lessons in customer service to Tesco staff!

Anyway, today is a brand new day (Day 83) and I intend to make the most of it. Hope you all have a great one, guys.


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  • Janice Westfall:

    Goodness, Steve..what an action packed life you lead!! Never a dull moment, huh? All the best..looking fwd to a nice chat with you one of these days!!! Janice

  • Thanks, Janice
    Yes, two days are never the same that’s for sure.

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