Day 77….Five Years later

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Day 77 …… five years later

Most of you reading this will know that in 2010 I cycled to all the 92 league grounds in England and Wales. Here I look back on that trip. My last update was after a horror hit-and-run left me unconscious in a ditch 30 miles from Newcastle.

Three weeks pass and the world looks a better place. I left hospital, had my bike re-built and resumed my quest to visit every club. So in late July and into August I cycle down from the North East through my beloved Yorkshire and into the East Midlands. With the notable exception of Leeds (Dis-)United I am met with universal kindness and generosity. Several BNI chapters looked after me well and almost every club rolled out the red carpet. Five years ago today I was near Nottingham and half way through the 92 clubs.

Five years later, I am still involved in The Shirt project and still support whenever I can. As many know I ended up in the UK recently and on my travels I met Sunny Mehta who has owned the Crompton Guest House for over 20 years. He is a huge football fan and immediately was interested to learn more of the project. He read my diary from 2010 and offered to provide a Crompton Guest House shirt. THANKS! The only problem is that he does not have a football shirt. No problem! He introduced me to his son, Rohan who was excited to learn of the trip too. He was actually wearing a Liverpool shirt so I told him about my fantastic day at Anfield. Anyway, Rohan said he would help his dad and designed this unique shirt which I will be happy to wear with pride! Thanks, guys. It would be rude of me not to put a shout out for the Crompton Guest House near Heathrow. I was hugely impressed and I reminded myself of some of the good (and not so good!) places I stayed back in 2010. I can recommend both this Guest House and his second, Bridge House at nearby Osterley if you want a quiet, value-for-money stay in or near Heathrow (15 minutes) or Central London (It took me 30 minutes to Hyde Park Corner). Click here for full details.


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