Day 75

Woke up early and immediately set to on what I knew was going to be a marathon session of emails, blogs, updates etc

One of the challenges of being on the road is the logistic exercise so it’s a huge relief to have free wifi, privacy, somewhere safe for my bike ….. and coffee.

Great start to the day with enthusiastic welcomes from no less than five local clubs – Wednesday, Sheffield United, Chesterfield, Rotherham and Notts County. It’s fantastic to have them confirmed in advance and I was particularly excited to receive a call from Adam at Chesterfield who was very helpful and had a number of constructive suggestions. I look forward to meeting him and his tomorrow. (As long as their new ground is not at the top of another mountain! Rome was built on seven hills, Sheffield’s are steeper!)

So, after a morning as a keyboard warrior it was off to Sheffield United where I was privileged to be given a grand tour of the impressive stadium. Thanks to Mick Daniels for organising this. It is most appreciated. I was shown around the pitch which looks to be in great condition as well as “backstage” before I was shown the two new statues outside the main reception. It is always a pleasure to go to a club like Carlisle, Burnley, Boro, Bolton where you are shown around by people who obviously love their club and who have real pride in same. Sadly, it was soon time to move on to Sheffield Wednesday. Here I could only muse that a club with so much history start their season against Dagenham and Redbridge which is a club with a tiny footprint but has every right to play against the Wednesdays of this world.


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  • Hi Steve – I’ve been reading your fascinating website for a couple of hours – middle of the night in Thailand, I didn’t cycle today so can’t sleep. Don’t know if you find that, but I don’t get tired these days unless I’ve cycled a fair few miles! Oh well.

    I’ve loved “The Shirt” since I met Bobby/Bjorn in Sudan all those months ago, great fun and obviously a fantastic cause. Keep at it and enjoy the rest of the ride. Oli

  • Steve Hall:

    Great to hear from you. I’ve been following you since Bjørn told me of you. Yes, I agree, I NEED some miles under my belt even on rest days.

    Hope to meet up with you when we have all finished…….whenever that may be!

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