Day 73

Probably the quietest day on the tour so far. Had short journey from Leeds to Ramada Hotel Bradford ……and slept!

Well, I guess I did some catching up, emails and washing but it was pretty much a R&R day. I had had plans for some insightful updates on the first half of the tour and my thoughts for the remaining 45 clubs but I put my head on a pillow …..and 5 hours later I wondered where I had been!

Anyway, there were no appointments, I had let nobody down so I guess it was Nature telling me to slow down for a while. It was also great to be in a super hotel with a single room where I could spread everything out and pack/repack. This is really a great hotel now. The staff were amazing at check-in. They had me down as “Cyclist Steve”, were keen to hear of my journey, had tidied out a space in a shed so that my bike would be secure and generally made me feel like a returning son rather than just one more guest. To cap it all one of the chambermaids showed me direct to my room and wished me a wonderful stay. A great start and some nice touches. The huge bed looked very inviting and as I walked in the room, the TV opened with a welcome to “Cyclist Steve”. As I saw the welcome tray with hot chcocolate and biscuits, the beautiful views over the Pennines and the deep, deep bath I was about to luxuriate in, I compared it with the “welcome” from Leeds United. If you are in doubt, Bradford just got the edge!!


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